The brand and company ALODUCE - Design and Decoração, Lda are based and located in Portugal in the city of Coimbra.
Coimbra is located in the central region of Portugal.

The University of Coimbra, the Alta and Sofia were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"... This classification is related to buildings, but it also includes an immaterial extent which is, for centuries,  justified by the role of the University of Coimbra, as a creator and diffuser of the Portuguese language and culture."

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Coimbra, the first capital of the kingdom, during the reigns of the earliest Portuguese monarchs, for almost two centuries, gained a new projection with the establishment of the University, which provided the creation of an urban center full of notable buildings. It is from 1537 that numerous colleges appear, creating two spaces reserved for studying: next to the Royal Palace (Alta) and Rua da Sofia (baixa).

Even today, Coimbra is still a remarkable historic university city. It is also a reference in the Health sector due to the inumerous and prestigious services provided in this area.